bem vindo Rotary em Portugal

With the plane from Munich to Porto, we continued over the Douro region to Lisbon.

Culinary peculiarities in unusual restaurants, eventful visits to architects, exhibitions, museums or small Quintas always ensured a perfect atmosphere.


Start-up Conference Berlin

Nutricia GmbH

Dear Eva, dear economic marketing team,

A big thank you - you made our event a huge success.


Start of the year Conference - Fulda

Milupa Nutricia GmbH

Dear Eva, dear economic marketing team,

thank you very much for making our annual start...

Summer Event in Straßburg

  • A culinary journey through time
  • exciting excursions
  • historical tours
  • sports
  • modern hotels
  • cool...

Milupa Nutricia GmbH

Dear Eva, dear Economic Marketing Team. THANK YOU for your great support during our 2018 Annual Startup Meeting. With your great commitment "on side", your lucky hand in choosing the right technical support and, of course, the great evening location and band, you have truly made our conference a complete success, the Milupa team went home happy and motivated. THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to planning the JST 2019 with you !! "